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Maths show is an effort from me to make students, parents and teachers realize that mathematics is not a subject to be frowned at. Instead, it is a joy to be experienced. To spread this message all over the world, I needed platform using which I could reach out to the people. After years of research, I compiled the material required for my first stage performance of ‘The Maths Show’. It was probably the first time anyone had conducted a stage performance on mathematics and numbers. The first show was a tremendous success and I have conducted about 400 shows till date. Puzzles and number games on the show have won over many students and parents alike. More so it has helped me reach out to people all over the world and create interest in them for the subject.

Today, I have the puzzle show and the sudoku show, which make mathematics a subject to have fun with. It is my dream to see people enjoy maths – to see people using their brains to calculate rather than calculators. The Maths Show aims at eradicating calculators which are used by many people most frequently for small as well as big calculations.

The show was introduced to let people to know the immense power of brain which is nothing less than a computer. It will be my greatest joy and satisfaction to see each and every person calculate or do mathematics without the use of calculators and that too, with a smile on their faces.

Divesh Shah


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