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Mathematics is an intergral part of our lives. No one on the face of this earth has ever escaped numbers. Everyone adds, subtracts, multiplies and divides. And they do that about a couple of million times in their lifetime. Despite this, mathematics still remains one of the most dreaded subjects of all times.

Result is a generation which reaches for the calculators even to add up single digit numbers. Such is the dependence on technology that the ability to deal with numbers has almost vanished all over the world. Thus it has become necessary to do something to resurrect the lost interest in numbers.

Keeping that in mind, Divesh Shah, mathematics enthusiast in his own right, came up with an idea of presenting the numbers to the techno-dependent audience in the form of a stage show. Simply named ‘THE MATHS SHOW’, the first performance hit the Mumbai city at Zaverben Hall, Ghatkopar, on September 7, 1998. A modest attempt to popularize mental mathematics, ‘The Maths Show’ has seen over 400 performances held all over the world till date.

With the show gaining popularity, Divesh was flooded with queries from eager parents to make mathematics interesting for their children. The parents wanted to learn more easy-calculating techniques for their children, which resulted in ‘The Maths Show-Part II’, covering more topics and different techniques for calculating large numbers.

Yet the hunger for ‘more’ maths continued, which saw the launch of ‘The Puzzle Show’ making ‘mathematics’ a subject with lots of fun. Amazing puzzles presented at the show kept the audience involved and spell-bound. Puzzles solved, people who had experienced the fun in maths, were still asking for more. And latest to be added on the show is ‘The Sudoku Show’, where Divesh gives us innumerable tips on solving the single digit sudoku puzzles.

So is it an attempt to create love and affection in the minds & hearts of students towards mathematics? Or is it all about showcasing numbers? Yes. It’s indeed an attempt to create love for numbers. But more than that, it’s a ‘Show’ which tries to reach to the audience, a different, enjoyable and fulfilling way to romance with the numbers. The Maths Shows aims at revealing some of the interesting relationship between numbers and on practicing these methods, which will lay a strong foundation towards fast calculations.

Mathematics is a very easy and interesting subject – but only when presented in a proper way. And ‘The Maths Show’ does precisely that. It helps people connect with the lost art of mental calculations. It brings out the fun and richness, inherent in the ten basic numbers, viz., 0-9. It makes you fall in love with the numbers and creates the thirst for getting results from the puzzle books developed by the Maths Wizard himself, in matter of seconds. It awakens the puzzle approach towards mathematics.

Last but not the least, here is a show that will help schools and colleges to brighten up ‘Mathematics’ as a subject for their students by exposing them to easy ways of calculating without calculators.

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