Puzzles - 2
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Puzzles - 2
Puzzle No. 1  

The vertical rectangle (solid line) has an area of 40 square inches. Find the area of the inclined rectangle (dotted line).


Puzzle No. 2  
I am looking at my watch. From this moment on, the hour hand will take exactly three times longer than the minute hand to reach the number six.
What time is it ?

Puzzle No. 3  

A month begins on a Friday & ends on a Friday, too. Which month is it?

Puzzle No. 4  

Using number 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 put each of them in a circle. There is only
one condition. The circle connected by a line cannot have consecutive numbers.
For example, 3 cannot be connected with 2 or 5.

Puzzle No. 5  

Using the numbers from 1 to 8, place one in each shape with one condition: The number in each square has to be the sum of its two neighboring circles.

Puzzle No. 6  

A deck of 52 playing cards is cut into three separate piles.
In the first pile there are three times as many Reds as Blacks.
In the third pile there are twice as many Blacks as Reds.
How many cards of each colour are there in
each of the three piles ?

Puzzle No. 7  

Can you divide a uniform circular cake into 8
equal parts with only three straight cuts of the knife ?

Puzzle No. 8  

An ant decides to race along a ruler, starting at the 12-inch end. It runs from the 12-inch mark to the 6-inch mark in 12 seconds.
How much time will it take to reach the 1- inch mark ?

Puzzle No. 9  

On opposite sides of a street, there are 45 streetlights, each one at a
distance of 30 yards from the other fill a gap between two other street lights on the opposite side. How long is the street.

Puzzle No. 10  

How many pounds does each cube, pyramid and cylinder weigh when each row has combined weight indicated as given below ?

Puzzle No. 11  

Divide the face of the clock into 6 parts such that sum of the number in each part is same.

Puzzle No. 12  

When two people shake hands, there’s one hand-shake between them.
How many handshakes are there when three people shake hands? four people ?
Five people ?

Puzzle No. 13  

John and Greg are two friends. John is slim where as Greg is healthy.
John asked Greg about his weight. He therefore hesitated and at last
revealed his weight by giving John a riddle.
“ I weigh 56 kg plus half of my weight “, he said. Can you figure
out Greg’s weight ?

Puzzle No. 14  

The Morris family is planning a trip. They have nine
days and decide to explore the country. They want to avoid
the stress of a long can trip,so they agree to drive a relatively
short distance on the first day, and add just 20 more
miles on each subsequent day. On the last day
of their vacation, they would have traveled 1080 miles.
How many miles would they travel on the fourth day ?

Puzzle No. 15  

On a stretch of road 75 miles long, two trucks approach each other.
Truck A is driving 40 miles per hour while truck B is driving 80 miles per hour. What is the distance between the two trucks one-minute before their head – on collision?

Puzzle No. 16  

Find the missing numbers.


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