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Teachers Training Centre

Teacher is the one who trains the minds of students. And it is a known fact that one good teacher can produce many brilliant students. So it is important that the teacher is properly trained and knowledgeable enough to tackle the questions from the students. A teacher also has to create interest in the subject among his students and sustain their interest it in. To achieve this, the teacher has to be highly skilled and motivating.

And this is exactly what the ‘Teachers Training Centre’ does for many of its students. So just like a jeweller who picks up mined diamonds and gives them the cut and polish, this institute picks up fresh potential teachers and trains them to unimaginable finesse. The centre produces teachers who have thorough knowledge of the school curriculum as well as different techniques of mental mathematics.

Each finger of our hand is different. Similarly, teachers all around are different too. Some are good and motivating, but may not have full knowledge of the subject. There may be others who have all the required knowledge of the subject but may not know how to use it to create interest for the subject in the students. To tackle these obstacles and have a uniform teaching pattern, Divesh decided to start a full-fledged ‘Teachers Training Centre’.

The centre trains the potential teachers to make the subject happening and interesting. It also imparts techniques and tips on mental mathematics, making students work independent of calculators. The centre also trains its teachers to motivate and encourage students to love the subject.

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